Microsoft DirectX 12 Supports Xbox One, Windows Phone with Better API Controls for Developers; Release Date Targeted on 2015 Holidays

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Microsoft announces the upcoming new graphics API version on computers called DirectX 12. It is also noted that DirectX 12 will be used across all Microsoft devices including Xbox One and Windows Phone which soon supported by NVIDIA.

Source: DirectX Developer Blog

Source: DirectX Developer Blog

DirectX 12 at GDC 2014

Microsoft officially announced that DirectX 12 is coming soon at GDC 2014 to boost performance on all Microsoft devices such as Windows computers, Xbox One and Windows Phone OS running mobile gadgets.

PC game developers will get lower-level access to the hardware in order to help keep graphical performance as snappy as possible while mobile devices will gain easier porting of contents from consoles and computers.

DirectX 12 features the following new enhancements:

  1. Faster and more efficient
  2. Enables richer scenes and more objects
  3. Full utilisation of modern graphics processing unit
  4. Support across all Microsoft devices
  5. Lower level abstraction enabled to improve CPU utilisation
  6. Reduced graphics processing unit overhead
  7. Dramatically improve efficiency of algorithms

DirectX 12 on GPUs

NVIDIA ? creator of GeForce graphics chipset ? is working closely with the DirectX team to deliver a working design and implementation of DX12 at GDC 2014.

Microsoft graphics development manager Anuj Gosalia, demonstrated the new API using Xbox One with the racing game Forza running on a PC, powered by an NVIDIA GeForce Titan Black. Developers have been asking for a thinner and more efficient API which will allow them to control hardware resources on devices to optimise and improve their games.

With DirectX 12, developers can take advantage of the advanced GPU hardware features to efficiently manage hardware components and users to get enjoyable performance and gaming experience due to the new API?s reduced overhead.

Unlike with DirectX 11 which both Microsoft and NVIDIA think that it was a bloated group, DirectX 12 will instead represent a streamline version that is leaner and quicker.

In addition to that, game developers will also get more ways to improve graphics on NVIDIA powered devices. At least 70 per cent of gaming PCs are now running DirectX 11 and around 50 per cent of market share among devices are supported by NVIDIA.

DirectX 12 will be supported by NVIDIA soon and expected to be released by the holidays of 2015.


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