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Microsoft Criticized by Epic Games Boss for ‘Monopolizing’ PC Gaming

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Microsoft?s recently unveiled Universal Windows Platform (UWP) has just received some serious criticism from one of the gaming industry?s biggest names. Yesterday, Tim Sweeney ? co-founder of Gears of War creators Epic Games, penned a scathing op-ed piece for The Guardian slamming Microsoft?s UWP as anti-consumer and anti-developer.

UWP Gets Ripped by Epic Games Co-Founder

Sweeney says that UWP, which is Microsoft?s ambitious way of integrating Windows apps across PC, Xbox One, and Windows Phone, is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at trying to lockdown all game and app distribution across the Windows ecosystem. He called it ?the most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made.?

?Microsoft has launched new PC Windows features exclusively in UWP, and is effectively telling developers you can use these Windows features only if you submit to the control of our locked-down UWP ecosystem.? Explains Sweeney. ?They?re curtailing users? freedom to install full-featured PC software, and subverting the rights of developers and publishers to maintain a direct relationship with their customers.?

Sweeney isn?t against Microsoft having its own online storefront, saying that the company has every right to choose which games to sell on the Windows App store. The problem comes from the fact that any game or app made for the UWP must be distributed on the store.

He admits that there are workarounds to this, but accuses Microsoft of obscuring them from users. He writes that, ?It?s true that if you dig far enough into Microsoft?s settings-burying UI, you can find a way to install these apps by enabling ?side-loading?. But in turning this off by default, Microsoft is unfairly disadvantaging the competition.?

Xbox Head Honcho Phil Spencer confronted Sweeney?s claims on Twitter just a few hours after the piece?s publication. He said that more news regarding UWP will be shared at later this month.


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