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Microsoft and Harman Kardon Team Up for Cortana Speaker

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Microsoft releasing Cortana speaker with Harman Kardon

Digital assistants and machine learning are slowly becoming more mainstream these days. With the advent of Alexa on the Amazon Echo, more and more consumers are turning to digital assistant for those simple chores that no one wants to do. Now, Google has also entered the fray with the Google Home while Apple is also set to release a Siri speaker hardware sometime this year. This now begs to answer the question, “What about Cortana?”

The good news is, Microsoft is also jumping into the digital assistant band wagon with its own version. Of course, it will feature none other than its very own personal digital assistant, Cortana. Furthermore, Microsoft will be joined by Harman Kardon in realizing this project that is now dubbed as Invoke.

According to the official Harman Kardon website, the Invoke will feature Microsoft’s Cortana in its core. It will have the same features as Amazon’s Alexa in that it can also accept voice commands to do its job.

Microsoft releasing Cortana speaker with Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon Invoke (via

Users will be able to issue various voice commands to the Invoke to play audio, make Skype calls, and other things like web searches. On top of that, the speaker also features 360-degree sound projection technology.

The Invoke is set to be released sometime this fall. Unfortunately, pricing is still unclear at the moment. Also, availability will be limited to the US for the time being.

It seems like most major companies right now have their own versions of a personal digital assistant. For Apple, there is Siri while Amazon uses Alexa on the Echo and Echo Dot. The newest entry in the market is the Google Home which was released just last year.

Now that Samsung also has Bixby, perhaps consumers will soon see a hardware based on Samsung’s digital assistant. Unfortunately, the Bixby app is still quite juvenile compared to the likes of Cortana, Alexa, and Siri, or even the Google Assistant. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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