Microsoft Cortana Leaks Weeks Before Windows 10 Launch

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Microsoft Cortana Leaks
Microsoft Cortana Leaks

Cortana, the digital assistant, was planned to be release sometime for Android and iOS after it was delayed in June 2015, however the apk of the beta, where only select users get to use the app, recently openly flew to the public.

Cortana ties?the Microsoft ecosystem including the Outlook calendar, email, Bing search, Xbox Music, and more. Cortana acts as a digital assistant to help users manage their events from planning their day, knowing where to eat, and more.

Cortana was planned to be released on both the iOS and Android?in order to capitalize on both the device?s big user-base. Cortana rivals Google Now and iOS’s Siri, on how it well performs against the two and how users react to the application is yet to be seen. Cortana also has a few strengths as well as weaknesses against?Google Now and Siri.

In the current Cortana beta that was leaked, reading emails, and making screen calls during certain times was reported to be unavailable. The Android version of Cortana was also said to lack some features such as voice activation and won?t be able to change settings, a weak offering compared to Google Now and Sir. It is still?unknown if features will be added after the beta. Cortana however edges the two as it offers notifications to remind you about things, especially with Cortana?s Notebook which helps track all your reminders, interests, settings.

The android version was also reported to have removed the ability to activate the app by saying ?Hey Cortana?.

The public beta for Cortana was planned to be released sometime this month by Microsoft before the leakage. ?We?re testing the Cortana for Android beta with a limited number of users in the U.S. and in China, before releasing the beta publicly in the next few weeks,? Microsoft said.

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