Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Hardware Requirements: When Can You Update?

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Here?s what your computer needs in order to run the new Windows 10 OS. (Image via Microsoft)

After unveiling its?latest operating system, Windows 10, back in September last year, Microsoft has recently revealed the full hardware and system requirements that users have to meet. If you like to know whether your computer can support the OS once it begin to roll out, read on and find out.

Windows 10 requirements

During its WinHEC event held recently in China, the Redmond-based tech giant talked a lot about their new platform. Its goal is to better equip partner manufacturers with what they need to develop great Windows 10-powered devices. To achieve this goal, Microsoft emphasized the importance of setting minimum hardware requirements that will be relevant across different brands.

Paul Reed, Microsoft?s Senior Program Manager, outlined that these requirements need to be met so you may boot and run Windows 10, receive updates & fixes, along with having a baseline user experience for various devices running the OS, regardless of the brand or model.

The company mentioned in a PowerPoint presentation shown during the event that the new OS will require a minimum resolution of 800?600, 2GB RAM for 64-bit or 1GB for 32-bit machines. 16GB worth of storage space is also needed for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit and DirectX 9 support.

Microsoft also plans to integrate Windows 10 into mobiles devices and in that case, tablets and smartphones with displays ranging from 3 to 7.99 inches will need to support a UEFI 2.3.1 firmware with Secure Boot enabled, a mimimum of 512MB RAM, at least 4GB of built-in storage, graphics card that support DirectX 9, and a hardware button combination that only include volume control and power switch.

Head over to this slideshow to learn the full Windows 10 hardware and system requirements for desktop and mobile devices..

Official release date

We already know that Microsoft will finally be launching Windows 10 some time this year but the company is still mum about the exact release date. After a recent post in their website, you may now narrow it down to a few months as Microsoft just disclosed that the upcoming operating system will be fully rolled out ?this summer.? When it becomes official, Windows 10 will be coming to 190 countries supporting?111 languages.


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