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Microsoft Announces Release Date for Project Spark

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Microsoft recently announced the official release date for the ?Project Spark Starter Pack.? The retail version for Xbox One will go on sale in the Americas on October 7. Meanwhile, the Asian-Pacific region will have to wait two days before it gets released on October 9 and Europe on October 10. The CD version will be available in stores for $39.99.

The starter pack will include a collection of premium content: the first sci-fi pack ?Galaxies: First Contact,? the warrior champion Sir Haakon ?Hawk? the Knight, ?Champion Quest: Void Storm,? the first episode of an epic campaign adventure, and more. Purchasing the package will also give access to users to other paid content, features, and add-ons.

Project Spark is a ?game-creation? video game developed by Team Dakota. It was first announced by Microsoft during E3 2013. Players can design their own ?worlds? using tools provided in the game. They can create their own landscape, add animals, forests, mountains and rivers, or even program the behavior of the objects. The topography can be modified by pushing and pulling the earth, digging through the surfaces after changing the view to adjust a wall to create holes in it, kind of similar to Minecraft. Players can choose from a lot of different tools and they can download additional content to improve their experience as well. All these can be achieved by using a mouse and keyboard for the PC, Xbox controller, the new Xbox Kinect, and the SmartGlass.

If you are interested, you can download Project Spark for PC running on Windows 8.1 and Xbox One. It has been on beta on PC since December and last March on Xbox One. So far there have been hundreds of user-created games and characters.

Meanwhile, there was no mention by Microsoft whether the game will be released on the Xbox 360.

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