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Microsoft Announces More Than 3 Million Xbox One Units Sold In Just 6 Weeks

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3 million people in different parts of the world are now enjoying their Xbox One game consoles. If you?re one of them, then good for you. You have one hell of a gadget. It?s more than a gaming console; it?s an entertainment hub: TV, Internet, and gaming device all rolled into one.

Xbox one

Its maker, Microsoft, also has something to be happy about. By the end of 2013, over 3 million Xbox One units were sold in 13 different countries.

The company shared the year-end statistics just recently and even called it ?the most epic launch of Xbox by all measures.?

The one-of-a-kind gaming console was launched in November last year and by December the company has already sold 2 million units and since the Holidays was just around the corner, sales increased by another million.

Xbox one controllerXbox One?s rival, Sony?s PlayStation 4, is yet to announce their year-end sales but we can all assume that the numbers aren?t too far from each other. It?s not even surprising if Sony has had more sales because the PlayStation 4 had a head start in terms of launch. The question now isn?t who sold more but which is the better console.

Obviously, opinions would differ. But if you look at Xbox One?s features and the things it can do, you won?t be able to help but want to spend more time playing this gaming console. That?s because it doesn?t just offer very realistic gaming experience. It puts the entertainment in ?entertainment hub.?

For those who haven?t checked out the exciting Xbox One, let us acquaint you.

Xbox oneIt?s TV, Internet, and game console all rolled into one. There are so many things you can do with your Xbox One. While its main role is to provide you an awesome gaming experience, it makes it easier for you to catch up on TV shows and even connect with friends and family online.

How many times have you switched the screen to see if your favorite show is still on while waiting for a game to load? Or have you gotten tired of turning from the TV to your laptop to chat with someone?

xbox oneThe Xbox One does all these things very easily.

You can conveniently switch from a movie or TV show to a video game. You can even chat with friends via Skype while watching your favorite series. Watching basketball or football will certainly become a lot more enjoyable now that you can mock each other in real time.

You don?t need a remote; only your voice. Xbox One is amazing because it?s voice-activated. To watch TV, just say ?Xbox watch Game of Thrones? and it?ll do exactly that. Just say the word and it will turn on or off.

This awesome feature of the Xbox eliminates the need to get up and reach for the remote. Pretty neat, eh?

xbox oneIt gets to know you. The Xbox is smart. It learns the things you like and put them all together in your own personal home screen.

Engrossing gaming experience. Playing video games has never been better. The Xbox One will immerse you in a world that?s completely fascinating. The characters and settings are so real-looking you?ll feel you?re part of the game.

Check out this Xbox One demo.

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