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Microsoft Anniversary Update 2016: Big Things To Come

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Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update
Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

Microsoft is all set to release Microsoft Anniversary update 2016 on August 2. The company is reportedly planning to make some notable changes with the new update. Here are some changes that the users must know before installing the update.

Windows Hello

Windows Hello is already there in the Windows 10. The Microsoft Anniversary update will let the users use this feature in number of app including Edge and Window Store apps. Currently it is available only in login screen. Devices with supported hardware allow users to log in to all these apps with face- or iris-recognition.


Cortana will be upgraded. Although it is not confirmed that the features will be included in the Anniversary Update, tech enthusiasts believe that it could be included since these tweaks were revealed alongside the Update at Build. With the new update, Cortana will understand complex sentences. Users will be able to send files by using voice commands. For example, to send the file users have to say, ?Send Chuck the PowerPoint that I worked on last night,? CNet reported.




Moreover, the plain search option will be removed. That means the users will be able to search content on the computer or the internet through Cortana only.

Battery tools

?Battery Saver? menu will be classified as just ?Battery?. Currently this includes options for battery saver only while the new menu will include all battery related settings.

Microsoft?s Corporate Vice President, Engineering Systems Team, Gabe Aul wrote in a blog, ?With this option, not only will the app stop running in the background when Battery Saver is enabled, but it will temporarily turn off apps with high battery drain that you haven?t used in a while or pinned to your Start screen, till you next launch the application.?

Security enhancements

Microsoft has announced to introduce additional features in Anniversary Update. However, the company has not confirmed what kind of improvement will be made.

In the Microsoft Anniversary update 2016 the company could remove some features from Windows 10. These features mainly include Wi-Fi sense, Kid?s Corner, and all apps option that is currently available in start menu. These features will be removed because very few users are using these.

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