Microsoft About to End Windows XP on April 8

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Microsoft is finally ending the life of the 12 ? year old Windows XP on April 8. The software giant will put the said operating system?s security updates to a halt, including technical support.

According to NetMarketShare, 29% of computer users around the world are still using Windows XP. It is, by far, the second most widely used OS in the world ? just behind Windows 7. This only means that a huge percentage of the computer users will deal with the nearing end of this long ? lived operating system.

The Consequences of Retaining XP on Your PC

Microsoft?s plan to end the life of Windows XP does not mean that 29% of its users will instantly experience an operating system shutdown on April 8. However, these users will feel the effect of continuing XP.

On that day, remaining users of the said OS will become more susceptible to viruses and malware. This is because Microsoft will no longer address security issues in the operating system. Microsoft provides an essential defense through its security updates. Even when the software giant ends the life of XP, users of the OS may still opt to use antivirus software to fend off malicious attacks, but not all.

A Costly, but Inevitable Move


While a number of XP users may still opt to retain the OS without software protection from Microsoft, many of them will surely reformat their computers with Windows 8. The problem with this action is that older computers may not be able to accommodate the new operating system. The inevitable upgrade will push consumers to buy a new computer.

However, the software giant provides an upgrade assistant to help people determine whether their personal computers are compatible with Windows 8. Another option is the Windows 7, which is still on sale with continuing support until the year 2020.

More Impact on Companies than Consumers

From the 29% of XP users, the impact of its death will be more felt by business owners than the individual consumers. An estimated 20% of European and North American corporate computers are still using Windows XP, the Forrester Research said. It also made a forecast that only 6% out of that 20% will still use the said OS by April.

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