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Microsfoft’s Cortana: Siri’s Newest Rival

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Siri now has a new rival named Cortana. Developed by Microsoft, this is probably the much ? awaited Windows 8.1 features. A two ? minute demonstration of this Siri ? like app was posted by UnleashThePhones. Microsoft seems to have an answer to Android?s Google Now by promising to make lives easier.

Meet, Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft?s newest feature to control the Windows Phone. It may also have a long term connection with Windows. Cortana has the ability to respond to your voice, control your device, answer your questions and anticipate the actions you need. This app is a combination of three ideas: Microsoft?s cloud processing, the Tellme natural language processing, and the Satori. Satori is a knowledge repository created to be smarter than traditional search. It is designed to anticipate your needs and answer your questions. Every detail you see on Bing when you search for places or people came from Satori.

Cortana Versus Siri


The software giant promises its consumers that the Cortana will perform better. Microsoft said that it will take the best of Siri?s user ? friendliness and Google Now?s analysis. When brought together, the Cortana will be one step further. The app is said to have the capability of listening to you, understanding you, and becoming aware of the things around you. From your current location, to your personal preferences, the Cortana has your back.

For instance, you can ask Cortana to book a hotel for you. She will look for the hotel you will surely like at the price you are willing to pay and the location you want it to be. She can even prepare your boarding card once she senses that you are inside an airport, unlocking your phone to save you time. Basically, Cortana works as your personal assistant, taking care of everything you need to make your life better.

How Powerful is She?

Microsoft told CNET that the Satori adds 28, 000 DVD contents every day. It is also supported by more than 50, 000 nodes in the compute cloud. Are you feeling excited to see and experience Siri?s newest rival? The Windows Phone 8.1 update is arriving next month at Microsoft?s Build conference. Stay tuned.

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