Michelle Obama Rocking the Internet with Cleveland Cavaliers in a Mannequin Challenge

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First Lady Michelle Obama has more fan following than her own husband. She has the tendency to dominate the Internet every time she talks or she appears for any event. She?s no less than a celebrity with more than 5 million Twitter followers.

She?s rocking the Internet after posing for the latest viral trend, a Mannequin challenge. In this challenge she was accompanied by the energetic team of the Cleveland Cavaliers. After winning 2016 NBA Championship, the basketball players were invited to have a trip to the White house, where the dashing players wanted to act in the most viral trend with the first Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle Posed for Mannequin Challenge

The Cleveland Cavaliers were invited for the White House trip, where they requested that the First Lady pose for their Mannequin Challenge. The invincible lady not only posed for the challenge, but also added charm to their act.

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In the video, the entire basketball team is seen posed for the challenge. All the players are dressed in fine suits as they are honored by the President and the First Lady. Michelle?s entire lookout is also blending with the players.

All athletes posed in stills to try and be the best mannequin. But Michelle won the challenge winning every heart on the Internet. ?Best challenge yet? and ?perfect? are the reactions she?s getting from the internet.

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Cleveland Cavaliers? special trip to White House

The team made a special trip, shortly after First Lady Michelle Obama met with Melina Trump for tea. It was a special honor for the team for their victory and they were also rewarded with special gifts by the President.

They even offered a special return gift to the President with his very own jersey to which the President made a reference to Lebron?s ripping off his sleeves. He even asked Lebron to teach him how he ripped his sleeves off.

Stay tuned to TheBitBag to know which Celebrity posed for the Mannequin challenge next.

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