Michelle Bridges Works out In spite Of Being Heavily Pregnant, Shows off Baby Bump

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Michelle Bridges is committed women alright! In spite of being six months pregnant, she did not stop herself from exercising and was seen doing a gruelling workout on Saturday as she demonstrated her skills at a health expo in Perth with her Biggest Loser co-star and boyfriend Steve Willis with who she is expecting her first baby.

The 44-year-old was in fighting form as she led the class, springing into push ups, squats and lunges. In a recent interview with Channel 10’s The Project, the fitness expert stated that, “I’m pretty clear cut about that. I don’t accept the pressure. I get it that it’s around and some women do feel that pressure, but I’m also just looking forward to spending time with my baby.?

When asked about losing her post-pregnancy weight, she further stated, ?My fitness will come, this is a different chapter in my life right now and I’m relishing it. I’ll get back into training in my own time and at my own pace,? reports?Sydney Morning Herald.

For the 45-minute Game Change Training class saw Bridges was accompanied by Wills.? The pair came together shortly after ended long-term relationships – Steve with the mother of two of his children and Michelle with her husband of nine years and manager, reports?News.Com.

A Daily Mail?report states that during an interview to WHO magazine said, ?I feel all of my years and all of Steve’s years of looking after ourselves and taking care of our health and our bodies, it just goes to show for someone my age, for it to happen so quickly, it’s obviously got to do with good health.?

Michelle has maintained a strict fitness regime throughout her pregnancy and regularly takes to Facebook to update fans with her progress.

Isn?t she a true inspiration to all the women out there? Keep it up girl!

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