Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Divorce: The Couple Proved their Strong Bonding!

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michelle and jim bob duggar

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have debunked the divorce rumors. The couple has shared a beautiful post on their Facebook account to show off their bonding.

Michelle wrote that she is in love with her husband and also called him ?sweetheart?. She recalled that Jim Bob asked her to marry him 33 years ago on Christmas Eve. In the picture, she is also holding a ?Big Hunk? card for him.

Sometime back, the same couple had shared a picture of a magazine which had stated that Jim Bob and Michelle are getting a divorce. The Duggar couple always shares their family moments on Facebook in order to tell everyone about their unity.

Duggar Family

Multiple reports are troubling the senior Duggar couple with divorce rumors. A couple of days ago, a magazine had claimed that Jim Bob and Michelle?s relationship is getting affected by Josh Duggar. Jim Bob and Michelle accepted their son Josh after he got treatment at the rehabilitation center for porn addiction. Josh had ruined the Duggar family?s reputation with his sex scandals. Jim Bob and Michelle were criticized by many fans for forgiving Josh.

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Michelle always praises Jim Bob for being a wonderful husband. ??You pray with me, you take me on dates, you encourage our children to honor me as your bride and as their mother, you work hard and provide for me and the children, you plan vacations for us, you set goals for our family and help us to work toward achieving them, the list could go on & on!!!? Michelle wrote on their blog.

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Duggars Welcomed the 20th Kid?

In Touch had reported that Michelle and Jim Bob are adopting an eight-year-old kid. The kid is Michelle?s grandnephew. In September, the Duggar couple received ?temporary guardianship of the kid. The kid?s mother Rachel is not in the condition to take care of him due to her conflict with the law and also bad financial condition.

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?Jim Bob and Michelle couldn?t be happier right now. Jim Bob and Michelle have made the child feel right at home. They treat him like their own and he looks up to them as parents,? a source said.

However, Jim Bob and Michelle have not confirmed the news. Keep visiting The BitBag for more updates.

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