Michael Schumacher Updates: He Always Had A ?Guardian Angel? By His Side?

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Michael Schumacher Health News

Michael Schumacher is getting treatment at his home. Schumacher?s wife Corinna is showing great willpower. She is living with big hope.

Professor Jean-Francois Payen who is supervising Schumacher?s treatment has praised Corinna.

?She has displayed in every way an exceptional willpower. She knew the seriousness of the situation and the long road that lay before them. She looks at things very clearly and makes every effort, and gives everything, which can help to improve the condition of her husband,? Professor Payen said.

Fans just admire Schumacher-Corinna’s bonding and relationship. Just a few days before the tragic ski accident, Schumacher had shared a few sweet words about his wife. The couple never had any kind of argument in their marital life.

Schumacher revealed that he and his wife share the same values. She was like a ?guardian angel? for him throughout his career. ?All the models, the groupies, the sex-on-legs pit-stop girls never meant a thing to Michael. “Corinna was a small-town girl like he was a small-town boy, both from the same end of the country. They truly married their souls as well as their bodies. He doesn?t know she?s in the room with him in Grenoble but all the time that positive love is flowing into him. No one loves him more than Corinna. If he should not come through this, then life as she knows it will also end. She could never love again,? an insider said, according to Mirror.

Is Schumacher Getting Better?

Schumacher?s treatment is too expensive. The family is spending a lot on him in hopes of his full recovery. Around 15 medical professionals are taking care of Schumacher.

When Schumacher was in coma, he lost a quarter of his bodyweight. Such weight loss is normal in coma patients, according to doctors.

Michael Schumacher?s manager Sabine Kehm has confirmed that Schumacher is recovering, but the phase of recovery is very slow.

Schumacher began his Formula One career in 1991 at the Belgium Grand Prix. He had won 91 Grand Prix and is also known for 155 finishes on the podium. He is the only 7-time F1 champion. In 2013, Schumacher suffered a serious head injury while skiing.?

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