Michael Schumacher Update: Jules Bianchi?s Father Hopeful For Injured F1 Legend, ?There Is Always Hope?

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Many fans and Formula 1 racers have continued to voice their support and pray for the health of Michael Schumacher. After an Ex- Ferrari President dedicated his hall of fame award and after the Schumacher family has won their court case, the acclaimed F1 racer is continuing to win his battles as he continuously receives support and now,?the father of Jules Bianchi has offered his prayers and gave an advise for the struggling racer.

Michael Schumacher Update

Jules’ father, Philippe Bianchi,?reportedly?lauded Schumacher?s family for enduring the struggle and offered advice for the racer and his family. He also?urged Schumacher to keep up the fight and overcome his problems: ?For what I can say, it is not to let go. So long as Michael is still there, he fights. He is the greatest champion that formula one has known?.

Philippe said they were unfortunate that both his son and Schumacher suffered an accident and he prays that Schumacher will be able to overcome his fight. ?We unfortunately experienced a painful tragedy as well, and like us they (the Schumacher family) showed their strength and have never let go of Michael? Jules was very touched by the accident that happened to him (Schumacher) and today I pray that he can get through it, as he is still there and there is always hope.?

Jules Bianchi, a French F1 driver, died nine months after he got into an accident during the Japanese Grand Prix which left him in a coma. Like Schumacher, Jules suffered from head injuries.

Schumi?s Fan Now Considered A Better Racer

Sebastian Vettel, a long-time fan of Schumacher whom the disaster-struck racer has often been given pieces of advice, has been getting praise after being successful in his endeavors. Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene claimed that Vettel is now a better racer than Schumacher, a report said.

?Many said that Seb only wins because he has the best car and at times I though so too,? Arrivabene said. ?Now that I work with him, I can say that, in some respects, he is even better than Michael. Especially his character, because Michael was an introvert who opened up to only a small group of people, while Seb is regarded by the guys as one of them.”

Like Schumacher, Vettel was born German and is currently racing for Ferrari. Despite the acclaim that Vettel is receiving, he has dodged from being compared with his idol, Fox Sports reported.

??I don?t think you can really draw that comparison, Vettel said. ?I think I could consider myself the luckiest racing driver in the world if there were as many race wins to come as there was with Michael.?

Keep Fighting Michael

Fans of Schumi have continued to voice their support on Twitter via #keepfightingmichael. Some fans also never fail to remember about their idol whenever a GP happens such as this year’s Japan F1 race.

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