Michael Schumacher Update: Family Appreciative Of Fans? Support, Bids To Host The 2016 Reining Championships

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As the greatest Formula One racer, Michael Schumacher, continues his toughest race in life with thousands of supportive fans, co-racers, and people in the racing industry, the Schumacher family has shown appreciation for all the support they have received.

Message From Michael?s Family

According to Echumenical News, the front page of the official Schumacher website has brought an updated statement that acknowledges that Schumi?s fans on Twitter are helping the F1 racer in his struggle. The Twitter hashtag #keepfightingmichael has now been included compared to 2014?s post, Ecumenical News reported.

?YOUR STRENGTH IS HELPING US. Still we receive wishes for Michael to get well soon every day, and still we are stunned by the sheer amount of sympathies. We can only always thank you for facing this fight together with him and us. We remain confident and hope the best for Michael. Your strength is helping us to keep supporting him. #keepfightingmichael.”

As each Grand Prix event occurs, fans of Schumacher can?t help themselves and recount how the F1 racer excelled on the track. They also never fail to forget to voice out their prayers for Schumacher to get well soon. As of writing, Schumacher currently has a total of 61,743 tweets.

Michael Schumacher suffered from a skiing accident at Meribel resort in 2013 after he hit his head on a rock. Updates regarding the F1 racing star?s health condition remain scarce after his family declared a media blackout as Michael?s wife said Michael would have wanted to keep his condition private.

Reining Championships

The Schumacher family is bidding to host for the 2016 reining world championships, The National reported. The family again plans to host the tournament at their custom-built ranch in Givrins, Switzerland, the place which has hosted the European championships, the report said.

The Schumacher family is composed of reining champions. Michael?s wife, Corinna Schumacher, won the European reining championship in 2010 while their daughter, Gina, is the current junior European champion, The National reported.

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