Michael Schumacher Recovery News: What We Know So Far – Former F1 Champ Is Very Thin But Getting There, Still No Clear News Of His Health, Everybody Remains Hopeful

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Despite the news blackout, fans of the former F1 champion wait religiously for any news about the racing legend ? especially now that a F1 racer, Lewis Hamilton, nears beating Schumi?s current racing record. Call it waxing nostalgic, but people can?t seem to lose hope that there?s a chance for the racer to burn tires once more sometime in the future.

Apart from the release of his website honoring the anniversary of his second?paddock victory and an updated message showing?the Schumaher family appreciates the support of fans, you can count on the fingers of?one hand all the updates the media has been getting about the racing legend. Here?s what we know so far:

Michael Schumacher Recovery News

A former colleague of Michael, Ross Brawn OBE, revealed that he has been keeping in close touch with Schumacher?s family. Brawn was asked by Telegraph about Michael?s current condition, however, he had nothing much to say but express hope that Michael can win his ?toughest race?. ?It?s slow, but there?s always hope,? Brawn said.

There is no concrete details yet about the health of the seven-time F1 World Champion. The only notable health-related updates that fans have contented themselves in the past few months was support from Michael?s colleagues, as well as the media reports on how high his medical bills has ballooned.

According to AutoWeek, several reports have surfaced that the Michael lost 65 pounds from his previous 165 pounds. An estimated $150,000 costs every week is also being spent by the family for Michael?s medical treatment, the report said. Earlier this year, the family has reportedly sold their jet and holiday home.

Various individuals such as a former Ferrari Boss and other racers such as Sebastian Vettel and Mikka Hakkinen have also vied their support. The father of the recently deceased F1 racer Jules Bianchi has also expressed that there is still hope for Michael to recover.

Michael has received relentless support from fans since up until now since his injury. Fans have previously made a book dedicated to uplift the fighting spirits of Michael and his family. As of writing, there is now a total of 64,635 #keepfightingmichael tweets. Here are some of the latest tweets posted:

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