Michael Schumacher News: Son Mick To Drive With Lewis Hamilton

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Controversy stirred last week when the three-time British F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton allegedly belittled Michael Schumacher. Despite this issue, Michael?s son, Mick Schumacher, has been invited by Mercedes to participate in their event which will feature Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Michael Schumacher News

?We asked Mick because of the close relationship between Mercedes and his family,? a Mercedes spokesperson said per Mirror. ?It?s a great learning experience for him.? Mick Schumacher finished 10th at the F4 season this year for the Dutch team.

Earlier last week, a German tabloid Kolner Express quoted Lewis Hamilton saying nasty things about the seven-time F1 champion. ?I?ve never done the things that Michael did to win my titles,? the tabloid quoted Hamilton. ?I won mine with my natural abilities only.?

Hamilton received criticisms from Schumacher?s fans after the story went viral. Michael Schumacher?s fan club president Reiner Ferling reportedly?raged?against the Briton.

?Hamilton should probably switch on his brain before he talks. He should learn about what Michael achieved. I just say, pride comes before a fall.?

A few days after, Hamilton immediately refuted claims that he belittled Schumacher. In an Instagram post, Hamilton said he respects Michael and that he is always praying for his recovery.

?To all the Michael Schumacher fans, I want you to know how big a fan and admirer of Michaels I am. I grew up watching him from the early days to his 7th title. He was and is the greatest of our time and I am hugely proud and grateful to have met him and spent even the littlest time with. He was always kind to me. One day at his last race, I managed to find the courage to see him and ask if he would honour me by swapping helmets in which he so gracefully did. Please do not believe all that you read. I would never wish to disrespect him nor his family and I hold them in the highest regard. I keep him in my prayers as a fellow driver wishing for his recovery.

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