Michael Schumacher News: Racers And Fans Recount Memories Of Schumi As F1 Belgian Grand Prix 2015 Happens

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As Formula One racers propel for their 2015 Belgian Grand Prix at the Spa-Francorchamps this weekend, countless racers and fans remembered the success of Michael Schumacher at the track and vied their support for the “greatest F1 racer”.

Michael Schumacher News

Schumacher?s fellow F1 championships, Sebastian Vettel and Mika Hakkinen, recounted their memories with the greatest F1 champ.

Vettel, a proud German like Schumacher, admitted that he joined the fight for Ferrari this year because it was his idol?s team, NY Times reported. Vettel said he has developed a friendship with Schumi for two years before the famed racer suffered a skiing accident at Meribel resort in December 2013 which resulted to brain injuries. Before the accident, Schumi has always been there to give him pieces of advice, Vettel said.

?I was looking up to him and still am in many ways. But it was obviously a shift, as so on as I got to know him, and you think more of the person rather than the racing driver and the success and the statistics,? Vettel told the NY Times.

Finnish F1 champ Hakkinen reportedly called Schumacher both a ?rival? and a ?friend? whom he respects for racing against him fairly and for being a ?superb driver?. Despite Schumi?s controversial chop where he hit Hakkinen?s left front wing endplate, Hakkinen said it didn?t matter to him:

?I respected him. And I think he respected me. We raced each other hard, but for the most part we also raced each other fairly. He was a terrifically combative competitor? You do not win seven world championships by being soft-hearted, and Michael was never that; but he was a superb driver, one of the bet in the history of the sport in fact.?

In light of the current situation of Schumi, Hakkinen hopes that a miracle graces the acclaimed F1 racer:

?I hope and pray that those encouraging signs are continuing still. No, he will never race again; no, he may never walk again; he may never talk again, for all I know. But, on the other hand, he may. Miracles sometimes occur, and I for one dearly hope that a miracle occurs for Michael some time soon. Keep fighting, my old friend.?

Fans Continue Support For Michael

Fans of Michael Schumacher on Twitter also remembered and gave their get-well-soon wishes via #keepfightingmichael:

Fans are continuing to aid Michael in his ?toughest race? with a heartwarming support for Michael and his family.

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