Michael Schumacher News: Racer Is Critical? Family Is Still Fighting Say Friends

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Nearly two years have passed now that Michael Schumacher met with an accident while skiing in December 2013. The accident was so bad that it injured him to the point of being non-responsive and requiring constant treatment.? As his family prefers their privacy on this matter, there is hardly any news on this front.

Recently there was a health update that showcased some issues of his weight and treatment costs. Moreover, there have been some recent positive comments from Maurizio Arrivabene and Jean Todt that have been interpreted negatively.

As per Vine Report, due to his remarks to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the Ferrari team head Maurizio Arrivabene has received strong negative reactions. He compared Michael Schumacher and co-German racer Sebastian Vettel by saying, “Michael was an introvert who opened up only to a small circle of people. Seb is sunnier-the boys regard him as one of them.”

Due to these comments, many people are of the view that Arrivabene believes Schumacher to be an outsider. Arrivabene has tried to explain his side of the story.

However, Arrivabene felt that his comments were blown out of proportion and that the media had taken his statement from a different context and was given a negative connotation. He said that he too prayed for Schumacher?s full recovery and valued Schumacher’s contribution to the racing scene.

Michael Schumacher?s current recovery looks extremely slow. He is being treated at a tightly guarded facility where only close family members and friends are allowed to visit apart from medical staff. Any unauthorized communication is strictly prohibited.

Australian Network News recently reported a headline that reads “Michael Schumacher News: Family Giving Up?”? Nevertheless, the family is not giving up.

A close friend Jean Todt, FIA President says that he still visits Schumacher on a regular basis and everyone is still fighting, despite there being very few signs of any improvement. “Michael is a close friend, his family is very close to me, and I’m very close to them as well,? the Frenchman said.

He added, “I see Michael very often, and Michael is still fighting, and we must keep fighting with the family,” according to the Independent?s report.

15 medical staff are caring for Schumacher at a special medical suite at his mansion in Switzerland. Reports claim that the rehabilitation process is around ?140,000 per week and has cost the family more than ?14m.

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