Michael Schumacher News: Max Verstappen Compared With Schumi After Impressive Overtake

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Michael Schumacher has retired from Formula One as a seven time world champion. As Schumacher?s record has yet to be broken, many are proclaiming that F1 racers such as Briton Lewis Hamilton or German Sebastian Vettel can achieve the same success. Can Toro Rosso rookie Max Verstappen ?be added to the list of candidates in the future after racing?analysts said that the teenager reminded them of Schumacher and three time world F1 Champion Ayrton Senna?

Michael Schumacher News

?I compare him to Schumacher and Senna,? former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan said during BBC?s coverage of Verstappen?s race, Fox Sports reported. ?I feel like in the early stages of his career he is that good,? Jordan said with fellow analyst David Coulthard agreeing with him.

?He?s just using the confidence he has with him, it?s not experience that he?s using,? Coulthard said. ?It?s these sorts of performances that have him on the hit list for Ferrari and Red Bull.?

According to Planet F1, the 18-year-old Verstappen made a spectacular pass during his race at Interlagos. Verstappen said he drew his inspiration at the Interlagos race from Kimi Raikkonen who overtook Michael Schumacher during their race in 2012 at Senna Esses, Verstappen said

?I saw it a few years ago between Raikkonen and Schumacher. I thought that looked nice? and then I had the opportunity to do it. You can do your best, but if the other one doesn?t care and smashes you off track then it is over. Luckily Checo is very fair, so we had a great fight.?

Better Than Lewis Hamilton?

Many poked fun of three time world?F1 champion Lewis Hamilton as numerous people?said he should take lessons from Verstappen as Hamilton?struggled to overtake Nico Rosberg, Planet F1 reported. Verstapen, however, said that his overtaking skills should not be compared with Hamilton.

?With a Mercedes, maybe they have problems when they are very close to each other. Plus, their speed is higher, and they both had good pace, so maybe it is more difficult for them. I know when the Toro Rossos are behind each other it is difficult to get past, so if you have the same type of car it is very hard.?

Max Emilian Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch F1 racer who is the son of former F1 racer Jos Verstappen.

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