Michael Schumacher News: Lewis Hamilton Inches The F1 Champion?s Record?

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Michael Schumacher is considered as the greatest F1 racer in history as he nabbed a record-high seven Formula One World titles. Schumacher?s title has been unmatched for years, however, some are saying the record will be beaten. The man who was previously proclaimed to beat Schumacher?s record, has now won another F1 championship.

Michael Schumacher News

British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has now won his third F1 World Championship after his successful endeavor at the US Grand Prix in Texas. This win has paved the way for Hamilton to be one of the most successful Briton drivers to win championship in consecutive years, paving the way for him to be along notable names such as Ayrton Senna, Jackie Stewart, News Sky reported.

After Hamilton?s win, former Briton F1 champion Jackie Stewart congratulated Hamilton and said that he can win more championships in the future. ?He is now looking forward to win more,? Stewart said per Daily Mail. ?He?s got a lot of years ahead of him, he?s got every opportunity of winning four or five. It could be five or six in this Mercedes.


Nigel Mansell, a 1992 champion, said Hamilton should target Schumacher’s record especially as he says the power of the Mercedes car can enable him to emulate Schumacher’s success, BBC reported.

Michael Schumacher vs Lewis Hamilton

When Roseberg and Schumacher were compared earlier this year, Hamilton said he has never intended to reach Schumacher?s goal. ?I?ve never set after that Schumacher goal, I always wanted to emulate Ayrton. Winning was special,? Lewis said few months before he won his third F1 World championship. ?I want that next one, that?s the only thing I?m excited about ? no other record. It doesn?t matter how many wins I get? What matters is winning the world championship.?

Nico Roseberg, a German F1 driver racing for Mercedes who has previously competed against Schumacher, commented on Schumacher and Roseberg being compared earlier this year. According to ESPN, Rosberg said both Hamilton and Schumacher are ?great opponents?, however, Schumacher was a different beast compared to the Briton.

“[Fighting for the title] puts more focus on the battle between the two of us, whereas with Michael sometimes we didn?t even notice that we were fighting between the two of us because we were in different places or whatever. With Lewis it does make it much more intense and complicated because it?s just the two of us fighting it out, so it?s difficult to compare.?

How does the F1 records look like as of October 2015? Here is the list courtesy of?Daily Mail:

Most Championship Wins(7) Schumacher; (5) Juan Manuel Fangio; (4) Alain Prost, Sebastian Vettel; (3): Jack Brabham, Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton.

Consecutive Championships(5) Schumacher; (4) Juan Manuel Fangio, Sebastian Vettel; (2) Alberto Ascari, Jack Brabham, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Schumacher, Mikka Hakkinen, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton.

Most Racer Wins(91) Schumacher, (51) Alain Prost, (43) Lewis Hamilton, (42) Sebastian Vettel, (41) Ayrton Senna.

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