Michael Schumacher News: ?It?s Difficult For Us All? ? Sebastian Vettel

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Michael Schumacher is currently trudging through his ?toughest race? in life after he encountered a fatal skiing accident at Meribel Resort in December 2013. Schumacher?s struggle isn?t felt only by his family but also his former colleagues in the motorsport industry.

Michael Schumacher News

?It is a shame that he cannot be here with us now? it?s difficult for us all,? four-time World F1 champion Sebastian Vettel reportedly told SID news agency. ?We know that he keeps fighting, we know that he?s not well, so we wish him all the best.?

Vettel said Schumacher is already being missed by a number of his colleagues in the motorsport industry. ?It is generally a difficult issue, but clearly I think almost everyone here knows him personally. The bottom line is that he is a good friend, and a friend that we are missing here now.?

According to FoxSports, Sebastian Vettel dedicated his win in the Race of Champions at London?s Olympic Stadium to Schumacher. Vettel is a dear friend of Schumacher whom Schumi first recommended to join the Ferrari team.

Former Ferrari Boss Montezemolo also expressed how difficult it was to know that Schumacher is in a ?terrible situation?. ?He is an extraordinary person, who even in the most difficult moments was an absolute player, to see him in this situation is terrible,? Montezemolo said. ?It?s a situation in which you don?t know what you should do. So I try to recall so many great moments in life that we celebrated together. I always think of an exceptional driver, man, friend.?

There are no new updates regarding Schumacher?s current health condition. Ross Brawn OBE who has been keeping in touch with Schumacher?s family believes that ?there is always hope? for the racer to get well soon. Jules Bianchi?s father also says that ?there is always hope? for Schumacher to recover.

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