‘Michael Schumacher’ News: F1 Racer Continues to ‘Win’ His Battles, Celebrates 20th Wedding Anniversary, Fan Continues To Show Support

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Great Former Formula 1 ex-racer Michael Schumacher and his family are?being aided to continue Michael’s?fight to recovery with the odds continuing to turn in their favor.

While no big improvements are known regarding Schumacher?s condition, the odds are in favor of the family with the couple?s recent 20th anniversary being celebrated with a court case win. Supportive Schumacher fans also?plan to release a book to encourage?the family?to overcome their problems.

Fans celebrate Couple?s 20TH Anniversary, Celebration Includes Won Case

Michael and Corinna?s relationship was a special one. ?A German publication even regarded?the two as a ?couple made for each other?. Before the accident, Michael said both of them shared the same values and never had a serious fight, Express reported. ?During all the time I was racing she was my guardian angel,? Michael said.

The Schumacher?s 20th marriage anniversary was celebrated by fans on Twitter:

Alongside the 20th anniversary was a won legal suit against three tabloid publications: Bunt, Freizeit Reveu, and Freizeit Spe?. They were sued by Corinna after they speculated that Michael was undergoing special therapy and Michael could already talk, Telegraph reported. The Schumacher family won the case to ban them from reporting about Michael?s condition, a report said.

Michael?s family has long been bearing the racer?s critical condition. Michael accidentally hit his head hit on a rock after losing control from skiing at?Meribel resort in December 2013. This accident has not only grieved his family but also his fans. They however have not given-up hope for the seven-time F1 world champion.

Michael Schumacher News

A Michael Schumacher Fan Page on Facebook posted in?July 31 saying?they are making a book composed of messages to help encourage and inspire the Schumacher family to continue their tough fight. The book is already in the first stage of preparation, the post said. You can write your message for Schumi here.

Michael Schumacher Update: Twitter users also constantly aired?their support online through #keepfightingmichael.

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