Michael Schumacher Update: ?We Must Keep Fighting With The Family? ?FIA President

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Thousands of fans and colleagues aired their continuous support for Michael Schumacher since the seven time World Formula One champion encountered a critical injury after hitting his head on a rock in a ski accident in December 2013. A former boss of Schumacher not only joined the racer?s fans in praying for his recovery, he also said everyone should unite and continuously keep fighting with Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher?Update

“Michael is a close friend, his family is very close to me and I am very close to them as well,? FIA president Jean Todt reportedly told Reuters. ?We must keep him fighting with the family.”

?I see Michael very often and Michael is still fighting,? Todt said. Todt was Ferrari F1 team boss during Michael?s successful days in motorsport.

Michael Schumacher?s Achievements

Numerous motorsport fans have proclaimed that the three-time consecutive F1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, can rival the success of Michael. But Hamilton?s success only put to light one of the most remarkable feats of Michael, Todt said.

?It was interesting last week after Lewis [Hamilton] won the title for third time,? Todt said. ?You saw the figures. I was very proud of what Michael achieved. Sometimes you tend to forget what he did.?

Todt might have been referring to Michael?s consecutive five straight championship wins from 2000 to 2004. Other achievements set by Schumacher include having the most races won in a season, having the most championship wins, and more.

Keep Fighting Michael

Fans have continuously supported Schumi via the Twitter hashtag #keepfightingmichael and the total hashtag count of Michael?s official website has now increased from last week?s 64,635 to 66,093. Jean Todt looks to have inspired Michael?s fans to keep on inspiring fans of the F1 champion?to win the??toughest race? in his life. Here are some of the latest #keepfightingmichael tweets.

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