Michael Schumacher News 2017: F1 Racer Still Can’t Walk Reveals His Lawyer

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Fans across the globe surely want to know the current condition of the legendary F1 racer Michael Schumacher. Ever since his accident, his family has remained very secretive about his real condition. In a recent court hearing, Schumacher’s family lawyer revealed that the driver still cannot walk even when aided with therapists. This alone could be an indication that he is not doing well.

It was back in 2013 when Schumacher had an accident during a ski trip. Initial reports revealed that he suffered from serious head injuries, which caused concern among his supporters. Since then, his family as well as his doctors have been silent about the driver’s condition. However, a German publication named Bunte noted that Schumacher has been doing great and that he can walk already.

But apparently, the F1 driver still cannot walk and this is the main reason why his family is suing the publication. Through this case, fans somehow learned something new about Schumacher’s real condition. In a writing submitted by Felix Damm, Schumacher’s family lawyer, he mentioned that the driver “cannot walk” even with the help of therapists.

Although additional details were not revealed, it is enough already to draw a picture in our heads how tough Schumacher’s condition is. Of course, supporters are hoping for more information, but as of now, the thing he needs the most is prayers for his fast recovery. Let us wait for more information, though, which could be revealed in the next hearings.

Michael Schumacher Vs Bunte Latest Court Hearing

During the latest hearing of the case, in a trial in Hamburg, Judge Simone Kafer sent out the attending public. As a result, they never heard what Tanja May, deputy chief editor of Bunte, had to say about Schumacher’s health condition. “The public is excluded from the trial. It is about the health condition of the patient,” said the judge, as reported by Daily Star UK.

Now, with regards to the claim that Schumacher can walk again, the racer’s agent Sabine Kehm had spoken up. “Such speculation is irresponsible, because given the seriousness of his injuries, his privacy is very important. Unfortunately they also give false hopes to many involved people,” the agent said.

As of writing, it is not yet clear as to how Schumacher is really doing. But fans certainly hope that he would soon be okay and the case would be resolved immediately. Share your thoughts about the issue in the comments section below.

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