Michael Schumacher Health Updates: Is He Recovering?

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Michael Schumcher Health Update

Michael Schumacher?s fans rarely get updates about their Formula One hero?s health. A neurological surgeon has revealed that Schumacher?s recovery is slow.

According to Movies News Guide, Dr. Peter Hamlyn, a neurological and spinal surgeon said that Schumacher is getting the best medical care and his family is with him. This is a kind of tough time for his family.

Schumacher?s manager Sabine Kehm accepted the Nurburgring Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of Schumacher, according to Vine Report. “This award is an acknowledgement of his great willpower, his motivation, his talent, his discipline and his work ethic. I realise we would all like it if Michael himself could be here, but unfortunately that is not possible. We have to accept it and learn to deal with it. We will continue to hope and do everything so that it will be different again,” Sabine Kehm said.

HNGN has reported that Michael Schumacher treatment costs approximately $140,000 per week. There are 15 medical professionals to take care of him. Dr. Jean-Francois Payen is the in charge of that medical professional team. Schumacher owns $800 million worth property. So, the family could bear the expensive treatment. Schumacher was also receiving around $50 million per year from endorsements and advertisement. He is known for making charity. Schumacher had donated $10 million to Tsunami victims in Asia in 2005.

?He was very talented, very hard-working and humble. I remember every new year before the championship started he was always asking me to do private testing alone to make sure he was still a good driver. This is a demonstration of how he was,? F?d?ration Internationale de l?Automobile (FIA) President Jean Todt said.

Schumacher suffered a Serious head injury while skiing in 2013. His fans are praying for the speedy recovery. Schumacher has won 91 Grand Prix and is the only seven-time world champion in the Formula One.

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