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Michael Schumacher Health Update Is Not So Good: What is Happening With The Formula One Legend?

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Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher?s health is not that great. As per the latest updates, Schumacher is in a difficult situation.

This news came from Schumacher?s first sponsor, Gerd Kr?mer, who is nicknamed as the ?puppet master? of Formula 1. Kramer revealed ?that Schumacher is in a more than difficult situation, and it would take a miracle to see him in public again.

Kr?mer also praised Schumacher?s Formula One skills. Schumacher started his Formula One journey on August 25, 1991. ?August 25, 1991, was a special day and will remain this way for me always. It was the starting point for the world career of the racer of the century that no one could have predicted. The motorsport world saw Schumacher’s debut as a bang, that was quickly followed by the next one. The rest is history,? Kr?mer said, according to Express UK. He had won 91 Grand Prix and is also known for 155 finishes on the podium.

Earlier, Felix Damm, Schumacher?s media lawyer, has revealed that Schumacher is taking treatment in his home. Schumacher?s manager, Sabine Kehm, had asked Schumacher?s fans to keep up the hope. ?He is the most successful driver in history and sometimes, on days like this, it is good to be reminded of it. Of course, Michael is not here and of course we miss him. We know what has happened and cannot change it. We must accept it and hope with everything we have that with continued support and patience he will one day be back with us. Racing was his life and no one would have liked to have been here more than him,? Kehm said.

Schumacher?s treatment costs approximately $140,000 per week. Around 15 medical professionals are taking care of him. Schumacher?s whole family is with him.

Schumacher?s son Mick is earning big titles in racing. He is missing his dad?s guidance. But the teenager is very much aware of Formula One tricks. He has said that he will not be rushed and will not only have an eye for quick results. Instead, he will try hard to shape his skills. In Mick?s opinion, racing is an extremely complex sport. In fact, Schumacher never wanted his son to take up racing as a career.

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