Michael Schumacher Health News: How Fast Can Schumi Recover?

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Michael Schumacher Health News

The very unfortunate accident that happened to Michael Schumacher in 2013 continues to draw a lot of interest from racing fans even until today. That is why many are constantly searching for Michael Schumacher health news on the internet. There have not been a lot of details about Schumacher?s health condition but luckily fans received some positive news lately about the former racing champ.

Ever since Schumacher?s horrific skiing accident in the French Alps, his family has requested for privacy from the media. That is why there has been a media blackout regarding the recovery of Schumi from the serious brain injuries that he suffered. Michael Schumacher health updates have only become available from the visitors checking in on him and lately it was former Ferrari head, Luca di Montezemolo, who shared some good news about Schumi.

According to Mirror UK, Di Montezemolo has shared that Schumi is responding to the treatment he is receiving. The seven-time F1 champion is getting round the clock treatment from a special medical staff at his home in Geneva, Switzerland. While a long time has passed without any positive news, the recent details given by Di Montezemolo certainly gives many Schumacher fans a lot of hope.

The question on many people?s minds is how fast can Schumacher recover. ?Based on how serious his brain injuries are, it could take a long while before Schumacher is completely back to normal. While he is conscious, the last word from Schumi?s camp is that he is still unable to speak and is still paralyzed.

Though there are signs that Schumacher?s health condition is moving in the right direction, it may very well be a very slow progress for the racing legend. Still, fans have to be hopeful that Schumi is getting better and maybe someday soon he can finally be able to make a statement or appearance in the media once he is better.

All that Schumacher fans can do right now is wait for more news and updates to come out about his condition. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more about Michael Schumacher health updates as well as other trending topics in the world of sports.

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