Michael Schumacher Health News: F1 Legend Responding To Treatment

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Michael Schumacher Health News

Michael Schumacher 2016 news is something that many racing fans are constantly searching for. The former Formula 1 racing legend continues his uphill battle to recover from a horrific skiing accident in the French Alps way back in 2013 while he was on vacation with his son Mick. The Schumacher family has not really given fans much details about the recovery of Schumi. Thankfully, the latter?s former boss at Ferrari has given some hopeful news as of late.

The very few details previously known about Michael Schumacher and his recovery was not at all optimistic. Reports have mentioned that he has come out of his medically induced coma but has yet to speak and he continues to be paralyzed. The severe brain injury that he suffered has really made Schumi a shell of his former self, but lately former Ferrari top dog Luca di Montezemelo has given some positive news about the former F1 champ.

According to Mirror, Michael Schumacher is now responding to treatment while he is being cared for at his home in Switzerland. Di Montezemelo did not reveal what exactly the extent of his response to the treatment is but certainly any sign of improvement is cause for celebration.

The former Ferrari head was quoted as saying ?I’m very pleased to know that he is reacting. I know how strong he is. I’m sure that thanks to his determination; which will be crucial, he will come out from this very, very difficult situation.”

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The recovery from a major brain injury is certainly not going to be easy, but with a full staff of medical experts helping the seven time F1 world champ, there is surely hope that one day Schumi can make a full recovery.

At present, there have been no news of a possible timeline of when Schumacher can be expected to speak once more. Surely though, fans are constantly watching with anticipation as to when they can personally hear any message from their idol. Until then, all everyone can do is keep Michael Schumacher in their prayers and hope that one day soon he make a complete recovery.

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