Michael Schumacher Could Be Ready to Go Public: 2016 News & Updates of F1 Legend, Is He Better

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Michael Schumacher fans are waiting to see their Formula One star joining them again. The latest hype about Michael Schumacher?s leaked photo is strengthening fans’ hopes. ?

Fans have not seen a single picture of Schumacher since he met with an accident. The latest leaked picture showed Schumacher lying on a bed at his home in Geneva, Switzerland. The picture was taken by an unknown person and his intention was to gain a big amount by selling the picture.

The alleged person has sold the picture to European media outlets for ?1million, according to The Sun. It is also believed that the accused person is Schumacher?s friend. A German prosecutor has said that the latest leaked picture is a clear violation of Schumacher’s privacy. German prosecutors are investigating the case.

Schumacher?s manager, Sabine Kehm, has said that she will not comment on the leaked image incident. Because Schumacher?s health is not a public issue.

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Meanwhile, Schumacher?s family is making headlines for starting a nonprofit initiative called ?Keep Fighting.? Through this, the Schumachers will encourage everyone to face the challenges of life. ?

“We are now celebrating the loyalty of the fans by a range of initiatives, including exhibitions, social media and now ‘Keep Fighting’. Most of the fans have expressed their appreciation and have embraced these initiatives,? Schumacher?s manager, Kehm, said.

She also mentioned that Schumacher has been very protective of his privacy, even during the most successful times of his career. He has always made sure there is a clear and distinct line between his public persona and his private one. Earlier, she had also requested Schumacher?s fans to respect his privacy.

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Under the ?Keep Fighting? initiative, the Schumachers will organize an exhibition which will show the Formula One journey of Schumacher. They will also conduct a charity football match ahead of the German GP, according to SkySports.

Schumacher?s Formula One journey started in 1991. He was introduced to the world via the Belgian Grand Prix. He won 91 Grand Prix, and he is also known for 155 finishes on the podium. He is the only seven-time F1 champion. Now, Schumacher?s son Mick is emerging as a great racing driver.

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