Michael Schumacher 2016 Update: Embattled F1 Superstar Facing Both Health And Legal Woes

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A Michael Schumacher 2016 update was given by his family lawyer earlier this week. Details were shared about how the injured F1 champion is not just facing health problems, but legal woes as well.

Fans worldwide were shocked after the German racer had a skiing accident at the French Alps in December 2013. The incident caused serious head injuries and placed him in a coma.

Health update

Now, legal rep Felix Damn has appeared in court to clarify recent issues. During the proceeding held earlier this week, he shared that the racing superstar is still not able to walk or stand.

While fans were distressed over the update, many were content to simply receive word from Michael Schumacher?s team.

The clarification came out after a December 2015 report claimed that the 47-year-old racer was walking again. The claim was first reported by German magazine Bunte, but was immediately denied by Schumi’s longtime manager Sabine Kehm.

Schumachers versus Bunte magazine

Aside from simply debunking the story, Kehm warned that such false reports are irresponsible. She explained to New York Daily News how it will only give false hopes to people who are concerned for Schumacher. ?

Because of the erroneous report of Bunte, the publication was slammed by Schumacher?s family for making false claims and invasion of privacy. The filed charges will reportedly amount to ?40,000-?100,000 (?34,000-?85,000). ?

The verdict for the Schumachers? lawsuit versus Bunte will be announced this October.

Official statement from the Schumachers

At first, reps were seemingly hesitant to share a Michael Schumacher 2016 update due to the racer?s dismal state. However, they finally decided to speak up via a CNN interview last week to avoid more confusion and false reports.

Damn did not specify if Schumacher is already paralyzed. However, the seven-time champ reportedly still cannot move properly even though there are special therapists who can help him.

Prior to the statement, his family previously shared how he went through two life-saving operations. These placed him in a medically induced coma for six months.

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