Michael Schumacher 2015 Update: Race Car Driver Recuperating! ?It?s slow but there?s always hope? ? Ross Brawn OBE

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Many Michael Schumacher fans have been on edge for the latest health updates about?the seven-time Formula One World Champion after?he he hit his head on a rock when he?lost control from skiing in Meribel resort in 2013. Both the?fans and media are unaware about the current condition of the F1 racer after his wife Corinna Schumacher issued a media blackout. However, someone has been able to visit Michael and his family.

?I do keep in touch [with Schumacher?s family], but we try and keep a balance of going to see him against calling, and not being a pain,? former motorsport engineer Ross Brawn OBE told Telegraph. ?I?ve seen him a few times; Corinna, his wife, calls me occasionally and keeps me updated.?

Brawn?s concern and sadness for the current condition of Schumacher showed when he reminisced on the current condition of Michael. ?We just keep praying every day that he?ll recover to a stage where?? Brawn momentarily stopped talking to regain his thoughts, Telegraph reported. ?It?s slow but there?s always hope.?

Brawn worked with Ferrari during 1997 to 2006 and he was linked with Michael?s success in winning F1 championships. According to the Telegraph, Brawn?s choice of classic cars shows how he valued the people whom he worked with.

?My collection has been built because of connections and experiences. I?ve got a number of cars that have touched me in some way or other. I like to think I?m a good friend with Stirling [Moss], so things connected with him touch a nerve ? the short-wheelbase Ferrari [250GT], for example.?

Michael Schumacher Update

Michael?s fans never fail to show support for the famed racer. The #keepfightingmichael tweets now increased to a total of 63,558 as of writing. Here are some of the latest tweets of fans for Michael and some of them have quoted Brawn:

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