Michael Phelps Wins His First Olympics 2016 Gold: Watch Replay Of His Winning Moment Online

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Considered as the most decorated Olympian in history, swimmer Michael Phelps bagged his 19th gold medal as the United States won the 4×100 relay at the Rio Olympics 2016 on Sunday. Find out where to watch the replay of the historic moment for the American.

Phelps successfully got his 19th gold medal, 23rd overall, when Team USA edged the other contenders during the swimming event on August 7. He swam the second leg for the team with a split time of 47.12 seconds. The swimming team of the United States recorded a total time of 3:9.92, winning over France?s 3:10.53 and Australia?s 3:11.37.

As mentioned, Phelps took over on the second leg for the Americans, where he passed France to take the lead. According to coach Bob Bowman, Phelps? time was one of his all-time fastest and it was a result of a great turn to get passed through French swimmer Fabien Gilot.

Ryan Held and Nathan Adrian delivered a masterful run as well to make sure Team USA will receive that gold at the end of the event in Olympics 2016. Now, for those who want to watch the replay of the historic moment, NBC is streaming the winning moment of Michael Phelps and the Americans on their official website

Phelps started his Olympic career at the age of 15, where he finished fifth in the 200m butterfly final in Sydney Olympics 2000. ?It was great, I was fifth, that?s a pretty big accomplishment. But I didn?t want it. I wanted more. I was within half a second of medalling – it was literally, if I would have taken it out a little bit faster, maybe I would have had a chance,? said Phelps, remembering his first Olympic event.

Clearly, that defeat played a huge role in Phelps? success today. He is now the most decorated Olympian in history with 23 overall medals, 19 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze. But it would not stop there as the swimmer still has 3 events remaining: Men?s 200m Butterfly, Men?s 200m individual medley, and Men?s 100m butterfly. If he gets lucky, he will have 3 more gold medals to be added in his collection.

Do you think he would be successful in bringing those golds home in his remaining swimming events? Or, will Michael Phelps fall short? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Rio Olympics 2016 started on August 3 and will run until August 21.

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