Michael Phelps, Fiancee Wedding Soon? Olympian?s Final Win Isn?t Gold, But A Diamond

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Michael Phelps and fiance, Nicole Johnson with son Boomer, Photo: Michael Phelps/Intagram

Michael Phelps is still the most decorated athlete in Olympics history but this Olympian?s final win isn?t gold? but a diamond, as Phelps and fianc?e Nicole Johnson?s wedding could be happening soon.

Johnson revealed to Access Hollywood on Friday in Rio about their wedding plans saying that the big day will possibly happen sooner rather than later.

?We have a date,? Johnson said, who was with Phelp?s mother. She added, ?It?ll be small and intimate for the wedding, and then we’re throwing a massive bash for everyone in the states.?

While Johnson continued, ?We?re kinda getting things rolling, I?ve been planning as we?ve been leading up to [the Olympics]. So I think I have the wedding in order, and now it?s on to the party for the fun.?

After his final race at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Phelps ended his career with a total of 28 Olympic medals with 23 golds, and now with a wedding ring as well.


Michael Phelps/Instagram

After ending his career with 23 golds and changing the sport of swimming forever, he is now ready to start with the next chapter of his life. Wedding bells will ring soon and Phelps is looking forward to his time to be spent with family. Johnson just gave birth to their first child, Boomer, three months ago, and the champion swimmer is excited to now spend his time raising his son. USA Today writes that this is the first time in five Olympics that he has something meaningful to look forward to after all his victories.

?This is special because I?m just able to start the next chapter of my life,? the legendary Olympian said. ?I?m retiring, but I?m not done done with swimming. This is just the start of something new.?

The swimming legend ended the 2016 Rio Olympics with five gold medals. ?It was the cherry on top of the cake that I wanted,? Phelps said. ?I couldn?t be happier with how things ended.?

And now he dives into the next chapter of his life.

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