Michael Kors Android Wear Smartwatch To Beat Apple Watch 2?

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Michael Kors Watch

Michael Kors is all set to steal the wearable market with Michael Kors Access collection.

There are two brand new Android watches available under Michael Kors Access collection. These are the combination of fashion and luxury. Apple Watch 2 is also likely to be unveiled in couple days.

Here is the comparison of Michael Kors Android Wear smartwatch with Apple Watch 2. ?

Michael Kors Android Wear Smartwatch

?We began by exploring a large number of designs, which we eventually narrowed down to a few body options,? Kors, honorary chairman and chief creative officer, told Mashable. There are two watches coming out from Michael Kors for men and women respectively. These watches run Android Wear and ?Google’s smartwatch platform. You can pair them with your iPhones as well as Android phones.

Business Wire says that Michael Kors? smartwatches are sporting beautiful display which can be changed according to the swipe. They are also packing Interchangeable leather and silicone wristbands. The touchscreen display of these android watches will help you in getting social media notifications. They will also send you email alerts. It has built-in fitness tracking and voice activated Google. Slash Gear has reported that the latest Android Watches of Michael Kors is available at Kors stores with the price tag $395 USD.

Apple Watch 2

Apple has already received a patent for a magnetic wristband. It will protect the watch from damages. The magnetic band will have ?two separate straps made from malleable material in which series of magnets are embedded in alternating or varying patterns of polarity. Apple Watch 2 will be powered by an ARM Cortex A32 processor. There will be a map app called ?Nearby?. Apple Watch 2 is going to have another helpful feature which can send alerts when the wearer is in difficulty. ?

The watch will sport a front-facing camera for FaceTime Video calls. The price will be around $349 or higher. Apple Watch(Original) sold out 3.9 million devices within a few days of release. Now, Apple has Michael Kors Android Watch as a tough competitor just like Fitbit.

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