Michael Jordan Death Hoax: Dead Body Found At Home?

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MIchael Jordan Death
MIchael Jordan Death

First Brad Pitt, now Michael Jordan. The number of bogus celebrity death stories have been on the rise.

Brad Pitt?s suicide induced by his divorce story is still causing a mess on Facebook, and now Michael Jordan?s death has joined the fray. And just like the Brad Pitt hoax, this one comes with some harm for users who were too curious for his own good.

The Hoax

To set the record straight, Michael Jordan is definitely not dead. The bogus report claims that the basketball star?s body had been found in his home.

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This hoax already has some age, it?s been around since last year. But it’s still managing to fool so many people all over Facebook.

Sadly, many users have already been fooled by the hoax. Multiple users have been re-sharing the post and have been voicing out their sorrow over Jordan?s death. What makes the situation worse is that being fooled is the least of the user?s problems.

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The Click Bait Scam

The Michael Jordan Death hoax follows the same path as the recent Brad Pitt one. The Facebook post prompts users to give out their personal info to the post before being allowed to view the bogus story.

Needless to say, just the fact that a random Facebook post is requesting user?s personal information is shady enough. It?s almost hard to believe that many people have actually given out their info just to read the story.

Browse Facebook and the internet carefully readers. This new phishing scam is currently feeding off of fake celebrity stories.

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Odds are this phishing scam will be back soon, horrifically killing off fan?s favorite celebrities. We?ll hope that you guys keep a level head and spot the fake story before you?re tempted to click and give out your info to the internet.


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