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?MH370 Debris? Found, Malaysian PM Confirms: More Conspiracy Theories Surface!

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The investigation of the missing MH370 Malaysian Airlines which had 239 passengers went without clues for 17 months until now, as an aircraft wing found last week was confirmed by Malaysian Prime Minister Nahib Razak to be a part of the missing airplane.

The aircraft wing called flaperon, was found by environmental workers last July 29, 2015 on a remote French Indian Ocean on a beach in Reunion Island, near Madagascar.? It was flown to French city of Tolouse on Wednesday to be examined.

PM Najib said that the found part is now a physical evidence that missing aircraft?ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

?Today, 515 days since the plane disappeared, it is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you that an international team of experts has conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on Reunion Island is indeed from MH370,? Najib said.

Confirmation Denied, backpedals as only ?very strong indications?

Immediately after the PM announced the linkage, French prosecutor Serge Mackowiak said the found part is not yet 100 percent confirmed as it would be only proven true after further fragment tests this Thursday.

?There exists a very high probability that the flaperon indeed belongs to flight MH370.?

Early hints from the debris

ABC News contributor Haueter said the look of the wing indicates that the plane didn?t suffer a ?severe nose down impact?. ?To me, it indicates that it was not a high speed, high angle impact, because if that had happened, the leading edge would be crushed,? Hauter said.

Hauter suggests that someone was controlling the aircraft when the plane was falling down as the flaps were down at the time of the crash: ?The airplane wouldn?t have done that on its own… ?you?re trying to land or ditch the airplane- you?d have the flaps folded down.?

Are the rumors and conspiracy theories true?

Having more than a year and a half with no physical airplane parts and bodies found proves that this tragic incident is truly something bizarre. This has sparked numerous people and netizens to spark speculations and rumors on the matter. Here are the best speculations on the incident:

  • The aircraft was accidentally shot down and the search for survivors are being covered-up.
  • Pitbull Predicts the plane would be lost in his 2012 song Get It Started as the lyrics state:
    ?Now it?s off to Malaysia?Two passports, three cities, two countries, one day.?
  • Alien Abduction: People believed that the only thing that can explain this bizarre disappearance are aliens:

  • The Plane got caught in a 2nd Bermuda Triangle because of a sudden disappearance from the radar

  • Terrorists crashed it into the sea because there were two passengers who had stolen passports.

What happened?

Malaysian Airlines went astray from its route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014. It carried a total of 239 passengers.

Families were hurt by the incident demanded concrete proof on what happened to their loved ones. They also accused Najib?s government and the Malaysian Airlines of a lacklustre response to the disaster. They alleged a cover-up and insensitive treatment.

Both the PM and the Malaysian Airlines tried to give their sympathies to the families:


Why does it take so long to find the pieces of evidence?

CNN reported that the involvement of Malaysian officials and different countries and groups has ?complicated and delayed the situation somewhat?

How will the plane?s origin be determined based on the found part?

Airline companies use a unique way in painting their own planes and if it is to be determined to be of the Malaysian Airlines and other companies, ?there may be more certainty?, said former head of France?s BEA agency Jean-Paul Troadec.

The debris will also be taken apart to be searched for its serial and part numbers to match the missing plane, aviation analyst Mary Schiavo said. All means necessary to determine it, ?everything from x-rays to sonograms?.

The angle of the impact could show how violent the separation was from the other parts, professor of safety science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University All Waldock said.

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