Metro 2033 Ships To Retail Experience a Post-Apocalyptic World Unlike Any Other

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Today marks the debut of the Xbox 360 and Windows PC exclusive Metro 2033. Fortunately my game shipped two days ago so I should be receiving it today or tomorrow, ?here?s crossing my fingers?.  Metro 2033 looks to raise the bar when referring to FPS visuals on the Xbox 360 and Windows PC, which is a genre that the Xbox and PC already own over all other gaming platforms.

"Metro 2033 offers gamers an experience unlike any other," said Richard Williams, Vice President, THQ Global Brand Management. "We?ve taken an extremely deep, engaging story, an incredible Russian twist on the post apocalyptic setting, and wrapped it up in some of the very best cinematic, first person action game play. The world of Metro 2033 is going to be talked about for years to come, just like other great gaming worlds that have gone before."

No other platform can match the kind of numbers when it comes to FPS sales on any console or gaming platform. I have really high hopes for the game, I will be completing this game for sure. The game retails for the usual $59.99 on the Xbox 360 and $49.99 for the Windows PC version.

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