Metro 2033 Goes Gold Arrives March 16th

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I am so ecstatic for Metro 2033 (PC Version), I can?t wait to see how the game plays and as a side note test my computers capabilities once again. I?ve been posting tons of videos, screens and information released by THQ. So today marks the final stretch till the March 16th launch day.

I have high hope for this title which has an engine built from the ground up to utilize the power of both the Xbox 360 and Windows PC platforms.

Once again the lighting technology amazes me on the Xbox 360, Metro 2033 really showcases the embedded hardware lighting capabilities of the Xbox 360.

A brand new trailer for Metro 2033 ? ?Ghosts of the Metro? ? can be found after the break.

Metro 2033 has already been acclaimed for its graphical prowess on both Xbox 360 and PC, with the latter benefiting from advanced DX11 features and NVIDIA PhysX implementation. In addition, gamers can enjoy Metro 2033 in 3D, powered by NVIDIA 3D Vision. All I can say is give me this game now!


"We?re excited to be bringing such a truly original experience to market," said Richard Williams, Vice President of Global Brand Management, THQ. "Metro 2033 couples a deep and engaging story with incredibly atmospheric first person shooter game play, and the 4A Engine provides cutting edge technology behind the most impressive visuals seen on either PC or console to date."


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