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Metal Gear Survive Release Date, News: What To Expect From Game Post Kojima?

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Metal Gear Survival
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After last year?s drama of Hideo Kojima leaving, Konami has finally announced their newest game for the?Metal Gear?franchise – the?Metal Gear Survive.

Survive?will be the first post-Kojima game that Konami will be releasing under the same franchise.

The game picks up after the events of?Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros?but with a twist. This time, the hero gets transported to an alternate timeline where everything looks post-apocalyptic. Not only that, living biological threats roam the said timeline.

Metal Gear Survive?is an online 4-player co-op survival game that has been given a whole new twist. Instead of fighting mercenaries, players get to take down zombie-like creatures in the?game. The stealth feature that made the game famous is still intact as well as a variety of weapons available.

Showcased in yesterday?s Gamescom, gamers present expressed mixed reactions about the whole premise of the game. Most of them were left scratching their heads asking where Snake is – the game?s original protagonist.

In retrospect, the trailer feels more like a cross between?Silent Hill?and?Call of Duty. Gone are the days when elite forces from one side battle another set of elite forces from the other side. This game departs completely from its original genre of spy versus spy.

Pretty much all gamers have heard the news when Kojima left?Konami?back in 2015. Although initially, the company had denied the rumors and issued statements that Kojima was just on sabbatical. Unfortunately, until today,?Kojima?has remained tight-lipped about his departure from Konami. However, he did say what he feels about working with big companies. He also mentioned that he grows tired of thinking more about the financial aspects of the game instead of the game itself.

?When working in big companies, especially Japanese companies, every little thing has to be approved beforehand, and you need paperwork to do anything,??Kojima said.

Whether or not this game will be able to live up to the same ethos of the previous games, players will soon find out.?Metal Gear Survive?is slated for a 2017?release?on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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