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Metal Gear Survive News: Hideo Kojima Not Involved in Development, Set to Fail?

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Like a fresh break up, friction and animosity is still high between Konami and Hideo Kojima. Konami has decided to take the much beloved espionage franchise and point it into a totally new direction by adding zombies. Konami has taken over the reins of the Metal Gear franchise as Kojima left them.

Hideo Kojima had left Konami and had set up his own studio late last year. Currently He is working on a new upcoming PS4 game called Death Stranding. ?


The new zombie survival shooter is called Metal Gear Survive. Majority of gamers generally love zombies but this was a move that was just too disconnected from the Metal Gear franchise. Needless to say, the game hasn?t even come out but it?s already stirring up a lot of negative responses from the general gamer community.

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This recent weekend during the Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima shared a few words about the game. He basically said that he has nothing to do with it.

During the audience Q&A portion, Kojima was asked if he had a hand in thinking up Metal Gear Survive.

Konami went no holds bar in pointing out that he is totally unrelated to the game. Konami adds that he absolutely knows nothing about Metal Gear Survive. He even rhetorically says that it?s because this game is completely unrelated to him.

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The Metal Gear series has and will always be an espionage game full of political fiction. Because of this premise, he doesn?t see any logical reason why zombies would suddenly pop up in Metal Gear universe.


Franchise Doomed?

The announcer also helped clarify that the popular rumor of Kojima creating Metal Gear Survive was just false. Yoji Shinkawa, a long time Metal Gear collaborator who has worked on the franchise through the years with Kojima also says that he wasn?t involved too.

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Kojima and Shinkawa aren?t on board the development team of Metal Gear Survive. Add the fact that the franchise has taken a step towards something completely untested with it, many are already fearing that the Metal Gear franchise is already doomed.


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