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Metal Gear Survive Gameplay: How Does It Differentiate Itself From Other Zombie Shooters?

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Konami recently made a controversial announcement. The company revealed a new co-op multiplayer shooter called Metal Gear Survive, a game that looks crazier than most of the games Hideo Kojima worked on, and that?s not actually a compliment. While the setting is crazy, the gameplay is basically similar to every other multiplayer shooter, so fans have been wondering how this game will differentiate itself from other titles of the same genre.

The game is set in an alternate universe after Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and the only thing that might differentiate it from other multiplayer shooters is the stealth gameplay. It has been billed as a stealth multiplayer game, a statement that plenty of gamers will find bizarre since the genres don’t normally mix. The fact that it’s set in after a story in an alternate universe is ridiculous as well, since it seems like the game developers have started using comic book logic to make video games.

Nothing in the Metal Gear Survive trailer suggests it?s unique, and the amount of dislikes the video has been receiving in YouTube isn’t exactly helping. The fact that there is no gameplay to back up the game’s absurd premise only adds to fans? negative reactions to the game. Now that it’s a zombie-filled multiplayer title, one has to wonder if there will be any Metal Gears in the game, however, the last few seconds of the trailer seems to hint a giant mech in the game.

If anything, this seems to be a game that was made just because multiplayer shooters sell. Titles like Overwatch and Left 4 Dead have been big hits, so it seems like Konami wants a piece of the pie. It seems like pachinko machines based on Metal Gear Solid 3 aren’t enough for the company.

For all we know, this could be a fairly decent game. Metroid Prime: Federation Force has also faced similar criticism from fans for focusing on multiplayer, but it hasn’t come out yet. Will these two games prove their doubters wrong? That remains to be seen.

Metal Gear Survive is slated for a 2017 release on PS4, Steam and Xbox One. Here is hoping that it plays better than it currently looks, otherwise there might be no hope for Konami.

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