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Metal Gear Survive Sounds More Fun Than Kojima’s Entries

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Metal Gear Survive
Screenshot Captured From Metal Gear Survive Trailer

After Hideo Kojima and Konami’s fallout, fans though a new Metal Gear game won’t see the light of day. Fans were caught off guard back in Gamescom 2016 when Konami announced a new Metal Gear game, but it’s a game nobody expected. The development on Metal Gear Survive is in full throttle and we could be getting the game soon.

This shouldn’t be a surprise anymore but Metal Gear Survive wasn’t received well by devoted fans of the series and everyone else was quick to say that the upcoming “Kojima-less” Metal Gear game is going to flop hard. However, the game could prove to be an amazing title. It could even outperform the past Metal Gear titles created by Kojima.

The Story Is Easier To Follow

With several mainline entries and spin-offs under its name, Metal Gear has had a pretty long history now and the entire storyline is hard to follow. Catching up with the series can feel difficult for many as some of the games aren’t easy to access anymore. Even if one manages to play all Metal Gear games, it’s still pretty hard to follow the game’s politically-focused storyline.

What’s good about Metal Gear Survive is that players can enjoy the game without prior knowledge about the series. Survive is a standalone story about Big Boss’s soldiers who got stuck in an alternate world where they are forced to fend for themselves. It’s a storyline that’s accessible to both hardcore fans of the series and those who’ve never gotten their hands on a Metal Gear game.

The Game’s Actually Making Good Impressions

From the get-go, Metal Gear fans are saying that the game is going to be horrible, and that’s because acclaimed game creator Kojima is no longer part of the project. After seeing several gameplay footages and hands-on previews, it’s easy to see the influence of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain on the upcoming title and it doesn’t look bad, to say the least.

A few critics have already gotten their hands on the game at E3 and the game is making good impressions so far. GameRevolution got their hands on the game at E3 and despite it being a “Kojima-less” Metal Gear, they said the game stood its ground against past entries.

This is a game made to adapt Metal Gear Solid V‘s great gameplay into a co-operative environment. It works incredibly well given the tactical nature of the franchise, and scratches an itch I have had since retiring from Metal Gear Online. I came in not expecting a whole lot, but consider it a game with solid potential,” GameRevolution wrote.

The game’s release has been pushed to 2018 as it requires more polishing, says Konami. If that’s the case, then the polished version upcoming title is definitely going to be better. Fans loved the way Metal Gear Solid 5 played and if the upcoming spin-off’s gameplay improves on its foundation, then we can expect Metal Gear Survive to be great, if not better.

It’s Lighter

There’s not much to worry about in Metal Gear Survive. Players just need to survive hordes of enemies and they have the option to do extra activities while they’re at it. It’s a pretty simple setup and it’s not something that fans are going to be way too involved in. Unlike the past games, multiplayer is the main focus of Metal Gear Survive, which will likely have a bigger community where players could spend thousands of hours to have fun. While the game will have a full single-player campaign, multiplayer is definitely the highlight.

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