‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ Entire Story Leaked?

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Phantom Pain (Image Credt to GamesHQMedia)
Phantom Pain (Image Credt to GamesHQMedia)

According to an anonymous source who posted something in Gentlemen Gaming, he/she was able to uncover the entire plot for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The source, however, was not verified and ?is actually to be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, a representative at Kojima Productions have confirmed to?Gamespot that the leak is actually fake.

Still, it is interesting that some people can come up with a pretty decent write up.

The synopsis points out Big Boss? transformation into a villain in the game as well as returning characters from the Metal Gear Universe (pretty much how it was like with Metal Gear Solid 4).

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is still under development?and is?set to be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There?s no confirmed release date as of now (and we?re hoping, it doesn?t turn out to be going on the same path that Metal Gear Rising: Reveangence took, which caused it YEARS of delay). Kojima also teased earlier that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be 200 times larger than what Ground Zeroes was.

Here?s a short excerpt on the ?alleged? leak. You can check out the entire ?synopsis? here and have no real worries about spoiling the story as this leak was already debunked by a Kojima representative. This is purely a ?fan service? as it stands now.


?CHAPTER ONE: THE PHANTOM PAIN Snake has a flashback of Operation Snake Eater and re-lives fighting The Boss before waking in a hospital. His body is out of shape and he is weak. He is occasionally visited by a Nurse and his doctor who reveals that he has been in a coma for nine years. Snake has lost his left hand, wrist and has shrapnel lodged in his skull which will in the course of the next few months work its way out. Snake goes into a shock and reveals he has slight memory loss. Going back to sleep, he has flashbacks of how he learned of the innocence of The Boss, his decision to leave The American Philosophers. This is an organization created by his former Commander Zero due to their differences in interpreting the will of The Boss and how he came to be a mercenary in Central America. He also dreams about his occasional violent run-ins with a rival mercenary leader Kaz Miller. Finally the two men come to peace and create MSF together. Snake wakes up in shock when an explosion rips through the hospital and machine gun fire followed by people screaming. Snake is introduced to a man who calls himself Ishmael whom reveals he has watched over Snake for the past nine years. He helps the weak Snake move through the hospital to safety. They are then attacked by several strange figures who at first seem hostile, but then are revealed to be trying to help Snake after they rescue him from a death squad of XOF soldiers.

Snake and Ishmael make it out of the hospital and try fleeing by car, but are attacked by helicopter(s). Snake is saved after the helicopter is taken out by a strange psychic figure. Snake also finds that Ishmael was just an illusion created by this Psychic to help Snake. Snake is then snatched by Revolver Ocelot who is shocked to learn that Snake does not remember him. Ocelot takes him away revealing that the people trying to kill him belong to Skullface, who has started a full-blown war against Cipher for unknown reasons. Skullface wants Snake dead because he wants Cipher?s icon and propaganda tool to be removed. Together, they fight off these strange figures who are working for Cipher before being rescued by Diamond Dog soldiers. Snake however, passes out after trying to fight them as he is still confused. In another flashback, Snake re-lives the moment he was introduced to Ocelot and remembers fighting him throughout operation Snake Eater. SNAKE is taken to an off shore plant similar to Mother Base. Ocelot reveals that when Snake was in a coma, Kaz went back to Camp Omega with the Sandinista and rescued the remaining MFS members. They began to rebuild their outfit, this time re-naming it Diamond Dogs. Ocelot lets Snake rest before his first mission. The next day, Snake is fitted with a robotic hand and wrist, which MSF took from a Russian KGB agent they killed a decade ago. Ocelot takes Snake to Afghanistan to rescue Kaz that has been captured, but kept alive over the week. Snake goes on his first ever mission since waking up and finds Kaz whom has both a leg and an arm missing. They fly back to their new home. Kaz explains what he went through in the last nine years. He reveals Ocelot came to him and helped financially as he owes Snake. Kaz also reveals that Skullface has a base in Afghanistan as he is trying to help the Soviets win the war and that is why he chose Afghanistan as a place of interest. Snake is also warmly greeted by the Diamond dog soldiers who see Snake as a living legend. Kaz gives Snake a series of mission objectives. The base at that moment is attacked by a rival mercenary outfit and later after the fight, Kaz reveals that the base needs improvements, better protection and more firepower and men. He encourages Snake to focus on both gaining them for their revenge and doing mercenary missions on the side to fund their quest.?

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