Metal Gear Solid HD Petition Aims To Bring Collection To PC

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More than a thousand avid Metal Gear Solid fans around the world signed a petition to bring the MGS HD Collection to PC. Up to now, people are adding their names on the list in the hopes of bringing some of the most glorified narrative franchises to Steam.

Started by Darren Schatt from West Jordan, Utah ? the petition reads:

?Metal Gear Solid is a beloved game by many gaming enthusiasts.

There is a Steam forum discussion that was started (and ongoing) with the release of Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance and I have watched the number of people steadily grow who want to see a port of the Metal Gear Solid games.

Valve, through the gaming platform Steam, has brought many beloved game titles back for us to appreciate and love for many, many more years. These are enduring game titles that have stood the test of time because they have shattered boundaries, spawned new genres of games, and redefined many of our preconceived concepts of what the gaming experience should be. Games have evolved and reached new levels of art and interactive story telling over the years and one of those games that inevitably enters into that discussion; as one of the best storied, captivating, and ground breaking games of all time are Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid.

The game Metal Gear broke new ground and set its own genre of gaming that has been imitated over and over again throughout the years. However, it was Metal Gear Solid that set the standard for what we expect from a truly complete gaming experience. No other game at the time (and in many ways since) has been as captivating, challenging, and had as much intelligent game play design. But what truly made Metal Gear Solid stand apart from all others was its ability to seamlessly integrate great storytelling into the game. All these components came together and gave us a unique and unforgettable gaming experience.?


The chances of this being successful are pretty hard to tell. To port Metal Gear Solid HD Collection across PC would not be that hard, that it could not be done. However, we think it would be much less of a hassle to just simply re-release the second game to Steam, made to operate with modern computers, and just be done with it. While Konami is likely not to agree with this, hopefully seeing an appeal of potential buyers will make them reconsider.


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