Metal Gear Solid 6 News: Konami Assures Interest In AAA Game Development

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Metal Gear Solid 6

Since Konami?s shift to pachinko releases of their famous games and the departure of their staff, fans have since lost hope for Konami?s AAA titles. Fans of Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Metal Gear are unsure of the series? future due to Konami?s recent moves. However, a recent E3 interview confirms that Konami is still in AAA game development, but the company only mentioned one title in mind. Will we see Metal Gear Solid 6 from Konami soon?

According to Gamingbolt, Voltage PR representative Steve Merrett was interviewed about Konami?s AAA development as of late. Voltage PR is Konami?s choice Public Relations firm in the UK. Merrett said Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PES 2017) is still coming soon, and Konami?s Fox Engine was credited for the quality AAA games from the company.

However, Merrett didn?t provide details when asked about Metal Gear Solid 6. Previously, Konami promised that there will be another Metal Gear entry after Hideo Kojima left and said that they were looking for a director for it. Despite this, Konami still hasn?t announced anything about this next ?Metal Gear 6? project; however, the company released a pachinko unit with visuals of a remastered Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. Technically, this Metal Gear pachinko can be considered as part of the series, but it doesn?t progress the game?s story and gameplay.

Konami?s Fox Engine was used for this Metal Gear pachinko, and it has proven its capability in coming up with good AAA game graphics as seen on Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain. However, the engine?s architect Julien Merceron has already left the company, so any significant improvements to or possible Metal Gear Solid 6 development on this engine may lean toward a different direction. ?Additionally, Merceron is currently working with Bandai Namco, but nobody knows if he?ll make another game engine of similar quality to Konami?s Fox Engine. The project he?s currently working on is unknown.

Previously, Konami announced that they?ll still continue developing the Metal Gear series even without its known director Kojima. However, for its future plans, Konami only mentioned PES, the company?s yearly AAA sports game, which may not be enough to make their longtime fans stay. Most of Konami?s games either had dark or gritty stories to tell like Silent Hill and Metal Gear, defined half of a sub-genre of gameplay such as Castlevania, and remembered fondly as a JRPG classic like Suikoden. With no promise of these games returning, it may be hard for Konami?s long-time fans to continue supporting the company.

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