Metal Gear Solid 6 To Bring Back David Hayter For Snake?

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Metal Gear Solid 6

Metal Gear Solid voice actor for Solid Snake and Big Boss, David Hayter, has tweeted about something that he?s ?back in the booth? as tweeted to him by Paul Eiding. Hayter been known for voicing most of Snake?s incarnations in the whole Metal Gear franchise, and Eiding voiced Snake?s direct superior, Roy Campbell. Could this be the start of Konami?s Metal Gear Solid 6 entry?

As confirmed by VGN247, it?s not. Paul Eiding just dared David Hayter to record an insult using Snake?s voice to show support to the Antaeus Theatre Company. It?s for a Kickstarter campaign to help the Antaeus Theatre Company earn money in funding a new place for the theatre to perform on. Other known actors such as Patrick Stewart and Linda Park have done their piece to show their support in the campaign. It just so happens that their video must contain an insult using Archaic or Shakespearean English to show the support for the campaign.

It?s currently unknown what David Hayter is cooking up for this campaign, but it will be bizarre to hear Snake use old words and even insult somebody with it. As far as the Kickstarter pledges are concerned, David Hayter isn?t part of the campaign as of now.

In other news, the Shadow Moses team who is creating the fan HD remake of the first Metal Gear Solid game has cancelled their production. According to a post from the Shadow Moses team, they cancelled production for ?reasons beyond our control?. Down goes our known chances of hearing David Hayter reprise his role as Snake again. The full reason hasn?t been confirmed yet but their March 6 post says they have news, so we?ll have to wait. Let?s hope for the possibility of Konami to pick these guys up as part of Konami?s Metal Gear Solid 6. Currently, the possibility of the next Metal Gear is blurry and we?ll have to wait on Konami and the Shadow Moses team for any updates.

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