Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Update: FOB Insurance Microtransactions, Events, Combat Deployment, And More

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The new Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain update brings tons of new content to help boost the longevity of the game and keep players interested. The new update also brings more microtransactions for the FOB mode as well as combat deployment online. Here are all the new content included in the MGS5 TPP update version 1.04:

Grade 7 Weapons

Konami is introducing higher level weapons that are usable in the main game and FOB. Only grade 6 equipment was available before the update. Here are some of the new grade 7 weapons available:

  • S1000 AIR-S: This Grade 7 pump-action non-lethal shotgun sends enemies flying at close range, with enough power to knock an enemy out cold with a single hit. Arming your FOB security guards with this will give greater punch to your FOB defenses.

  • HAIL MGR-4: A Grade 7 magazine-fed grenade launcher. Using a drum magazine gives this upgraded weapon a much higher ammo capacity. This is an ideal choice for quick tactical decisions during a firefight; use it to suppress (or take out) multiple enemies with quick blasts over a large area, or punish enemies hiding in cover. A versatile launcher that can be used for assault, diversions, or FOB defenses.

  • AM MRS-71 RIFLE: Upgraded to Grade 7, this 7.62mm semi-automatic sniper rifle provides greater power and accuracy than before. An additional option slot provides customizability, so any user can adapt the weapon to a range of scenarios. Equipping your FOB security guards with this is a surefire way to send invaders back with their tail between their legs.

Bigger Rewards For Combat Deployment Online

New missions with bigger rewards have been added to Combat Deployment (Online). You can now get Rank S++ soldiers as well as rare medicinal plants such as Haoma through combat deployment (Online). Take note that the bigger the rewards, the bigger the requirements are to successfully complete the missions. You can also now reduce the waiting time for combat deployment online by using your Mother Base coins.

No Automatic FOB Retaliation

As long as you keep undetected, you?ll no longer have to worry about being retaliated by enemies in FOB. This means that you can now take your time in stealthily knocking down enemies as you approach the core base.

Event FOB

Feeling frustrated by your enemies wearing helmets and protective vests in FOB? Worried about being retaliated? You can now engage in easier battles with ?Event FOB?. These special events doesn?t risk you with retaliation, and the current special event upped online is fairly easy to accomplish.

FOB Insurance

Numerous players have complained of being bothered from getting FOB notifications to retaliate while playing main missions. While disconnecting from the online servers while get rid of notifications, you?re actually just leaving your base undefended if you disconnect. Konami has now offered a paid solution via FOB insurance where users will be compensated for some materials and staff you lose during an invasion.

  • Staff/materials stolen by the rival will in fact remain on your base, and an identical amount of staff/materials will be handled over to the rival instead
  • MB Coins are purchased with real money, but free MB coins are also distributed periodically as login bonuses, etc.
  • The following are not covered by FOB insurance:
  • Staff/ items that are not fully your property, such as abducted staff being held in your Brig (FOB)
  • Wounded staff (staff lost due to death or extraction will be compensated)
  • Staff used by you to deploy in defense of the FOB (neither death nor extraction will be compensated)
  • Nuclear weapons

GMP And Materials Cap Increased

If you have already updated your game, you?ll be kicked inside a tutorial which shows you how much GMP and materials have been increased with the new update. With the MGSV TPP Version 1.04 patch, you can now take advantage of a higher storage capacity of GMP and materials as long as you stay online.

More Additions

You can now develop night vision goggles for your security team staff. The UI for the FOB results has also been refined. A PF rating indicating now indicates how strong your staff is on Mother Base. You can also now have Security Team priority when auto-assign staff so you won?t leave your FOBs defenseless.

Are you happy with all the content provided in the Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain update? MGSV TPP is available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Konami [via DualShockers]

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