Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Tips And Tricks: Guide For Beginners Who Feel Overwhelmed

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It can feel overwhelming to play Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain without the proper tips and tricks. MGS5 TPP has introduced numerous new features and the open world gameplay can feel daunting. Here is our MGS5 basics guide on how to play the game without getting overwhelmed.


Ocelot is right when he said that Afghanistan is a big place and your iDroid is an important tool to help you in your journey. The iDroid is a nifty futuristic tool that is not only useful for knowing where you are and where to go, but it is also important for marking collectible resources and for knowing if there?s an enemy nearby.

You can mark several places on the iDroid and your map won?t get cluttered because the iDroid removes the marks that you?ve already arrived at. You can also manually remove the markers you placed by clicking on them again.

The iDroid also shows certain structures which can help you determine if there are nearby enemies in the area. The iDroid will also show brightly lit red-colored circles in the map to show the enemy?s presence in the area. The enemies you marked with your Int Scope (binoculars) will also appear on the map so it?s a good habit to always mark your foes so when you backtrack, you won?t accidentally run into them.

Day And Night Cycle

The day and night cycle in MGSV is not purely for visual aesthetics. The time of the day affects the number of enemies that patrol the area. It also affects your visibility.

There are more enemies that patrol the area during the day as opposed to nighttime. Some enemies also lay asleep during the night, meaning, you?ll have lesser enemies to deal with. Because of this, most players who prefer to stealth through the game take on missions at nighttime.

You can set what time of the day you go out on missions. You can also speed-up the time by smoking your Phantom Cigar.

Visibility is also a big factor in choosing which time of the day you raid bases. It would be harder for your enemies to see you at nighttime, however, it would also be difficult for you to see them. This is the completely opposite for daytime.

Always Be Cautious

Gone are the days of playing Metal Gear Solid games where you can easily wipeout entire areas from enemies. Even when you think that you?ve stunned or killed all the enemies in the area, more enemies can pop-up as numerous enemy scouts patrol either on-foot or via a vehicle. Fighting enemies head-on is also harder now because of the number of enemy reinforcements deployed when enemies are aware of your presence. You can also accidentally alert enemies when you backtrack because the foes you stunned may now have awakened.

To cope-up with this, just try to be always alert and mark enemies. Make sure to hide their bodies in an area that cannot be seen. When an enemy detects you and you can?t outgun them, try fleeing from the area and let the time pass. Let the situation cool off before entering the area again.

Mother Base

Do you feel that managing your staff in Mother Base feels daunting? It?s actually fairly easy to manage them and the game knows the best job where your Diamond Dogs crew should be assigned.

Just auto assign your staff. When you want more man-power for something else or when you want to take advantage of your staff?s unique skill, that?s the only time you manually assign them to another position.

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. If you need more help, you can check our MGS5 tips on how to survive as well as our guide on how to recruit Quiet. You can also check our articles on MGS5 TPP references and Easter eggs that you might have missed from the game.

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